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History Of KHBA - He's Alive Television

Pastor Marlo Fralick, first president and board chairman of He’s Alive Television, said, “We are here to shine the light of God’s love to those who live in darkness.” This has become our short mission statement. There is nothing more important than finding ways to present the Gospel message in such a way and with variety so that people, young and old, rich and poor, from all ideologies and walks of life, can understand how much God loves them. He's Alive Television is undergoing a major change. We have recently moved, after 8 years from our previous location. In the process of moving, we have also taken the opportunity to upgrade our studio broadcast equipment at a cost of over $40,000 dollars. Unfortunately just as that process was beginning we were informed by the FCC that our channel 39 frequency has been sold and we will need to move to a new channel sometime in the next 2 years at an estimated cost of about $50,000 dollars. Well to our surprise just as we were completing our location move and upgrade, we have again been informed that the company that bought our frequency wanted to take possession by November 27, 2017. Our new channel home will be channel 35. Courage to Change 35 to 39, we broadcast by Faith, praying for your help to keep us on the air. We are approximately 60 days from the deadline to move to channel 35 we are in dire need to raise $50,000 to purchase a new antenna and upgrade the transmitter and several other pieces of equipment. Please help us to continue our mission to bring the gospel to the world in need of a knowledge of the love of Christ and the gift of eternal life. Thanking you in advance for your love and donations. The He's Alive Board.








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