Executive Officers

He’s Alive Television Executive Officers

 President, Leonard Westermeyer

Vice President, Chuck McGlocklin

Treasurer, Dorothy Bartholomew

Secretary, Tracie Husted
 Station Manager,



He’s Alive Television is owned and operated by nine local churches. These are referred to as our “Constituent” churches. They provide the operating board members that meet monthly to conduct the stations business. It is with great pleasure that we come together each and every month to seek Christ’s guidance for the direction of this ministry. Without the generosity of these churches and the people in them, He’s Alive TV would cease to exist and a great light would be extinguished. Please pray for each and every one of these churches, their pastoral staff, and the people that attend. If you would like to visit one please do. Tell them He’s Alive TV sent you, and that you want to worship our  Lord and Savior with them.

Pastor Volody Nesteruk, Gary Sheidler
Spokane West Central SDA Church
Pastor Colin A. Dunbar
Spokane Valley SDA Church
Pastor Ted Shupe, Rupert Salmon
Spokane Central SDA Church
Pastor Dayv Lounsbury, Mark Mead, Ross Brower, Robert VanVeen
Spokane Countryside SDA Church
Pastor Clinton Schultz, Charles Kubrock
Spokane South Hill SDA Church
Pastor Paul Blake, Charles McGlocklin
Cheney  SDA Church
Pastor Jerremy Foss
West Plains Community SDA Church
Pastor Wayne Kablanow
Open Book Channel representative
Yuriy Nesteruk
Upper Columbia Conference representative
Jay Wintermeyer
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