Thank you for donating to He’s Alive Television.

Funding for a full year – It takes over $87,600 to operate our station for a year. We operate very efficiently and are extremely careful with the funds entrusted to us. We thank God for your assistance in keeping us operational for more over 23 years.

Day Sponsor – These supporters are the foundation of the ministry. Everything we do builds upon this group. What is a Day Sponsor you ask? Well, a “day sponsor” is a person, group or business willing to donate $20 per month. Or a one-time gift of $240. This supporter will get to pick a day on our calendar they want to sponsor. Providing it is available, we offer a basic 30 second voiced over the graphics with your message. Often times these sponsors like to honor a loved one’s memory or maybe an anniversary. Without this group of people, there are countless souls throughout our community and country that would not know the saving power of Jesus in their lives.