Streaming Media

Roku-3-with-headphonesRoku and Apple TV: Is a combined project that reaches globally and presents He’s Alive TV with the opportunity to reach millions with the ever growing and popular streaming media boxes. With over 12 million boxes sold nationwide, Roku is the fastest growing streaming media box on the market and is in large part responsible for cable companies having to re-evaluate their traditional methods of broadcasting. as they see millions of viewers every year switching to streaming media. He’s Alive TV appreciates the many people that have purchased the Roku box just so they are able to receive our signal all across the country. We call the Roku box “value added” because it is not a duplication of your cable channels but in reality in addition to them. With over 1800 channels of “Live Streaming” and “video on demand” Roku is poised to change the way, people watch television.
 Apple box w_remote 1500x1000Apple TV is the godfather so to speak of streaming media. It was the first to really set the streaming media box industry on fire and even today is still the most popular and most prolific streaming box on the market. With over 25 Million boxes sold and sales continuing to grow. He’s Alive TV has a unique opportunity to be on both boxes for nearly the price of one. Which basically triples our potential reach into homes across the nation and globe. We are beyond excited to provide this unique opportunity, however, this project is not free. The cost for this project to reach potentially tens of millions of homes for one year is only $5,000. This is a tremendous bargain and blessing that gives us the ability to reach into the very homes of our neighbors with the greatest teachers, preachers, and evangelists in the world saying one thing. Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
Chromecast: Chrome dongle has sold around 20 million units which creates that many more opportunities for He’s Alive TV to reach souls for Christ. Popular because of its compact size, Chromecast will be another tool in our arsenal for waging war against the enemy of our Lord and Savior.  There are so much more that need to hear of Jesus and He’s Alive TV is making it our mission to reach each and every one of them. With your financial help, fervent prayers, and willingness to tell others about the fantastic programming on He’s Alive TV, we can help fill the kingdom of heaven for Christ.