Production Truck

Stepvan drivers sideProduction van: Not long ago He’s Alive TV helped produce a program that was three days long. It was a massive project and in the process reaffirmed our need for a more efficient, and effective way to accomplish future projects, and we want to do more projects of this scale. It took a crew of 10 volunteers 10+ hours to just set up the equipment necessary to tape the 5 part series. That’s over 80 man hours!
With a production van we can simplify the process, protect equipment from being damaged by the extra handling it takes because it must be torn down and set back up multiple times, increasing the risk for damage and equipment failure.
A production van can also serve as a tremendous tool for advertising He’s Alive TV and act as a catalyst for conversations with people that are simply curious as to who we are and what we do. We see this as yet another way to share the Gospel of Jesus where ever the production van goes. It’s like a moving billboard and icon that will be very recognizable throughout our communities.Stepvan drivers crosses
The Lord provided us a fantastic deal on a used van, and He’s Alive TV stepped out in faith and purchased it, so we already own a van that is ready to be converted. With great thought and research, we have determined that it will take approximately $35,000 for materials and equipment to complete it.
We need your help and financial generosity to make this goal a reality. Please consider donating towards the production van.