Studio Building

studio_upleft A permanent recording studio and office space is desperately needed. Currently we operate from extremely limited space, and our facilities we use for video taping are several miles from our offices. Both are technically donated space but quite inadequate for the mission placed before us as a production facility and ministry helping to reach the world. But there is a calling to do more. This call is not only by our board of directors, but by our constituency. With this challenge, and it is a large one, we believe there is a facility waiting for us somewhere that will meet all our current, as well as future needs. The space needed that has been determined, is roughly a 60’W x 120’L building. This could take shape in many ways. But the minimum actual recording studio area we need to accomplish our goals for future productions is 80′ x 60′, studio(rear)with the office space an additional 40′ x 60′.
If you or someone you know can help He’s Alive TV accomplish this project to help further Christs’ kingdom, please direct them to our ministry, either through this web site of by directly contacting us.
Please pray about the studio project on our behalf, seek His blessings and wisdom on how He would have you be a catalyst and or a tool in helping He’s Alive TV grow in its abilities to show Christ to our friends and neighbors both locally and throughout the world. Contact our office today, 509-622-4780