Thrift Store

Thrift Store:
 A major goal for He’s Alive TV is to become more financially self sufficient for obvious reasons.  He’s Alive TV knows how important it is to find ways to fund the cost of this mission so that money allocated to our station might be freed up to work on other projects for His kingdom.
 We were approached a couple years ago about possibly developing a thrift store that could help with the financial needs of He’s Alive TV, not only on a project basis, but also a monthly operational basis. There are many facets to this but in general we believe here at He’s Alive TV there can be no mistake that the Lord wants His word to reach the masses and He’s Alive TV will help spread the word far and wide. Making a difference not only in our local communities, but the world. We already have a person of interest with the skill set to manage such a facility, and now we need someone to step forward with the willingness to help He’s Alive TV bring this mission to a physical reality. We need your help with this goal so more people can be reached with the good news of Jesus.
 A thrift store is an outreach just as much as a church because the goal is to help those in need. This would provide a resource to those needing a little help. While helping He’s Alive TV attain its goals financially. Please consider helping this ministry take this mission to the next level. There are souls waiting to be won to Him through just such a ministry. Contact us today if you are interested and willing to help in some way.